Bulbajer’s Views on Different Political Ideologies




For more information, see Political Definitions. For more of Bulbajer’s political views, see Progressive Green Party.

Ratings are out of five. 1 generally means an ideology I am opposed to in every way. 2 means I find many faults or am opposed to it but do not consider it evil. 3 means either neutrality or mixed feelings. 4 means I like it okay. 5 means I love it and support it.

Anarchism – sometimes well-meaning, but violent. And anarchy is a state of lawlessness and will always result in disaster. Rating (out of five): 2

Anti-Revisionism – includes all Communist ideologies that follow Stalin, which are Stalinism, Maoism, and Hoxhaism. Anti-revisionist communism supports murder, torture, and suppression of every civil right imaginable, not to mention creating an atmosphere of fear and hatred. Rating: 1

Anti-Statism – okay in general. Rating: 3

Capitalism – economy is free, but inequality is unaddressed. Rating: 3

Castroism – not evil, but doesn’t really help Cuba. Rating: 2

Classical Liberalism – not too great. Tends to be favored by rich white people. Rating: 2

Communism – it will never work. Not even close. Greed will almost always bring about a state of poverty and repression before socialism has even been reached. Rating in general: 2

Conservatism – well, being a moderate liberal, I am generally opposed to conservatism. Rating (in general): 3

Constitutional Monarchy – okay, but I prefer the good ol’ republic. Rating: 3

Christian Socialism – okay. Rating: 3

De Leonism – well-meaning, but Marxism will never work for similar reasons to those of its slightly more extreme brother, Communism. Rating: 2

Democracy – excellent, although pure democracy is somewhat lawless. Rating: 5

Democratic Socialism – good, although sometimes fails ultimately. Too left for me. Rating: 3

Dominionism- not good at all. America is not a Christian country. Rating: 2

Economic Liberalism – economy is free, but inequality is unadressed. Rating: 2

Economic Nationalism – good in general. Rating: 4

Fair Trade – YES!!! Rating: 5

Fascism – uh, NO. While Mussolini helped the economy of Italy, he did it at the cost of what the rest of fascism has to offer (or rather, what it forces). Rating: 1

Fiscal Conservatism – good example of thinking ahead, but sometimes results in forgetting about the present. Rating: 3

Free Trade – results in healthier economies for those who profit from it, but not for those who don’t. Rating: 3

Hoxhaism – no. Very similar to Stalinism. Rating: 1

Internationalism – yes. Essential to preserving peace. Rating: 5

Juche – NO. RatingL 1

Laissez Faire – well-meaning and makes sense, but inequality is unaddressed. Rating: 2

Left Communism – I am opposed to communism because it will never work, but among the various communist branches Left Communism is one of my favorites. It stresses democratic ideals. Rating: 3

Leninism –  will never work. My rating for this one depends on the particular group of Leninists; if they recognize the brutalities of the various communist dictatiorships, then I give them a 2; if they don’t or defend them, I give them a 1.

Liberalism – in general, YES! Rating: 5

Libertarianism – I like their social standing, their government poisition is well-meaning but sometimes causes problems, and the fiscal standing I am against. Rating: 3

Libertarian Socialism – socialism will almost never work, but this is one of my favorite trends of socialism. Stressesanti-authoritarianism. Rating: 3

Luxemburgism – Marxism will never work, but this is possibly the Communist ideology most compatable with my beliefs. Rating: 3

Maoism – NO. Almost as bad as Stalinism. Rating: 1

Marxism – it will never work, because greed will turn any attempt into a state worse than before. Rating: (in general): 2

Monarchy – no. Little or no civil liberties. Rating: 2

Nationalism – okay, in fact good, in moderate amounts. Beyond that does harm. Rating: 3

Nazism – do I have to answer this? Rating: 1

Neoconservativism – in general, I don’t like it. Especially the foreign policy and the pro-business parts. Rating: 2

Neo-Nazism – NONONONO. Rating: 1

Non-Interventionism – eeeehhh… there is a time to not get involved, but there is also a time for getting involved. Rating: 2

Objectivism- not really. Rating: 2

Oligarchy – no, obviously. Rating: 1

Paleoconservatism – no. I disagree with them on almost every issue of the day. Rating: 2

Paleolibertarianism – rarely do I appreciate this. I have good respect for Ron Paul, though. Rating: 2

Populism – yes! Rating: 5

Presidentialism – the President has enough power. Rating: 2

Progressivism – YESYESYESYESYES! Rating: 5

Republic – yes. A democratic republic is the best form of government. Rating: 5

Social Democracy – okay. In somecases, it causes fiscal problems, but the idea behind it is good and just. Rating: 4

Socialism – in general, no. It won’t work. Utopian socialism was nice but way too idealistic. Rating: 2

Stalinism – absoultely no. Rating: 1

Statism – no. The government should have power, but not overly much. Rating: 2

Strasserism – little better than Nazism. Definately not. Rating: 1

Titoism – for one thing, communism will never work, and another, Tito was a suppressive dictator, but compared to other communist rulers, he was great. Socialism actually existed in Yugoslavia at least in part and the country managed to remain independent throughout the Cold War. Rating: 2

Totalitarianism – NO! Rating: 1

Trotskyism – I am opposed to all communism, especially authoritarian communism, but Trotskyists are comparatively benign and it is one of my favorite communist ideologies. Rating: 3


*the image of the Bulbasaur found in a Google search on 6/6/09, copied from bebo.com – Profile from Takato Matsuki

Document work © 2009 Bulbajer’s Encyclopedia. The Bulbasaur image is not mine. Pokémon is a registered trademark of Nintendo.


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