Progressive Green Party



Bulbajer’s Encyclopedia – PROGRESSIVE GREEN PARTY

My ideal political party.

Proposed party Constitution:                                            

Realizing that the two major political parties in the United States have, in modern times, failed their people and have grown corrupt,

Recognizing the value of centrism, yet abstaining from it for the sake of progress,

Utilizing dialogue in order to ease tensions and find common ground between opposing forces,

We, the affiliates of the Progressive Green Party of the United States of America, agree to the following guidelines for the party:

  1. Stress separation of church and state in order to keep both from being corrupted;
  2. Ensure that all states either allow civil unions or gay marriage (depending on the voters’ choice for the legal name) and that the consciences and thoughts of all be protected;
  3. Oppose government-recognized marriage of more than two partners
  4. Place reasonable firearm restrictions on areas with high crime rates, and to strengthen police number in said areas;
  5. Show compassion for illegal immigrants by offering amnesty and guest worker positions;
  6. Fix a gradual timetable of withdrawal from Iraq;
  7. Oppose all abortions with exceptions for when a mother’s health is threatened, rape, and incest;
  8. Reduce the use of capital punishment nation-wide;
  9. Continue the War on Drugs with certain changes, including monetary penalties for those found in possession of illegal substances rather than jail time, or community service for those lacking money to pay penalties;
  10. Preserve the world’s environments using a green agenda, and to make world youth aware of the problems of our environment in order to galvanize support;
  11. Support higher taxes for those individuals or companies that can afford them;
  12. Enact a simplified healthcare system with financial breaks for the needy;
  13. Reduce the federal deficit;
  14. Organize a moderate wealth-redistribution, taking little from the self-sustainable many and giving much to the needy: “American Social Democracy”;
  15. Set in place a foreign policy of reaching out; forgiving debts is more advantageous to poor countries than loaning;
  16. Recognize the rights of Puerto Rico and other U.S. territories to determine their path of governance;
  17. Refuse to side with either the Palestinian National Authority or Israel but stress the need for peace, cooperation, and compromise. Both countries have their faults.
  18. Promote the new concept of neointernationalism, that is, the combination of patriotism with internationalist common  sense.

For a discussion of the platform items, see the party website at


*the image of the Bulbasaur found in a Google search on 6/6/09, copied from – Profile from Takato Matsuki

All text is © 2009 Bulbajer’s Encyclopedia. I do not own the parties mentioned here besides the Progressive Green Party, nor do I own Jimmy Carter’s book We Can Have Peace in the Holy Land, published by Simon and Shuster in 2009. The Bulbasaur image is not mine. Pokémon is a registered trademark of Nintendo.


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